The solution for remotely connected general assemblies

Web platform for a global management of shareholders' meetings in person, remotely and by correspondence and of course in mixed mode (hybrid)

Specialized in co-ownership, AG-CONNECT can also manage all types of assemblies for associations and companies.

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The connected assembly

Dematerialization of the entire assembly process

Before the meeting: Identification of participants, identification of moderators, preparation of the meeting with associated attachments, digital invitation process for participants, management of proxies with or without voting intention.

During the meeting: recording of those present, recording of proxies, calculation and display of quorum in real time, management of remote and in-person votes, calculation of decisions according to the required majorities, integrated video and chat, possibility to follow the meeting in audio on a fixed telephone, management of departures and arrivals during the meeting, display of results to all participants while keeping the vote secret.

After the meeting: generation of a framework of minutes for the realization of the final minutes, transmission of the audio and video recording of the meeting, transmission of all the exchanges made by Chat, issue of the attendance sheet, digital audit log of all the votes and movements (arrivals and departures during the meeting).

Secured solution

In compliance with legislation

Gathering the technological expertise and legal expertise of partners and distinguished co-ownership lawyers (Ad. E) in Quebec, AG-CONNECT makes it possible to hold your meetings in complete health and legal security.

  • Allows all members to communicate via video, audio, phone or Chat.

  • Each participant is identified with a unique identifier and an associated access code needed to access the meeting.

  • Digital tracing of all events: AG-CONNECT enables a certificate of proof to be issued for all shares that took place during the General Meeting

Accessible to everyone, everywhere

AG-CONNECT is accessible to all & everywhere

No application to download, a simple browser and a web access allow you to participate in an Assembly. On a technical level, we preferably recommend the Chrome or Firefox/Safari/Opéra browser.

You can also connect from a tablet or smartphone (iOS version 12 minimum, Android version 9).

Internet Explorer/EDGE browser are not supported.
If you do not have any of these devices, you may join the meeting by telephone, however you will not be able to vote except by proxy.

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Présentiels et distants

AG-CONNECT, la fin des boitiers de vote….et du traitement manuel des votes

En présentiel les participants s’enregistrent directement sur leur téléphone intelligent (Apple ou Android) et votent en temps réel. AG-CONNECT centralise dans un même espace les votes des distants, des présentiels. Les résultats sont instantanés et s’affichent sur l’interface des participants.

maximum connectivity

AG-CONNECT and professional softwares

AG-CONNECT works autonomously but allows a universal import of data from Excel lists: List of co-owners and resolutions. AG-CONNECT is therefore compatible with any software capable of exporting a list of participants to Excel .

In addition, AG-CONNECT has powerful API connectors to automate the creation of Assemblies in the platform. These APIs require a partnership agreement with AG-CONNECT.

If you are using CondoManager or Crypto, a custom export is available to simplify integration with AG-CONNECT.

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